Man Defies AIDS With Diet, Strong Will

David Patient, diagnosed HIV-positive 21 years ago, has the confidence of a man who knows that every day he defies medical odds just by being alive. He doesn't take anti-retroviral drugs and attributes his longevity to a tough dietary regime and an unbending will to live. Now at age 43 he's taking his message around Africa in the hope of encouraging other HIV-positive people to do the same and offering ways for those who are not infected to stay that way. Nutrition forms the cornerstone of Patient's teaching. He says by that improving their immune systems HIV-positive people increase their life span and reduce the chance of infecting partners. Zinc, beta carotene and selenium all boost the immune system so Patient's courses encourage people to find local produce that contains high levels of those nutrients. You can find out more about this connection between nutrition and AIDS in The Real Cause of Aids.

Yahoo! News June 29, 2004

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