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Healthy Heart Equals Less Risk of Alzheimer's

As I mentioned Monday we are in the midst of an epidemic of Alzheimer's disease. Fortunately there is good news. All you need to do is stay healthy and you can avoid nearly all chronic disease, including Alzheimer's.

Just think light and darkness. If you have a light and shine it in a dark corner, you won't have darkness. It is not that you did anything special to eliminate the darkness you merely presented light into the area and the darkness vanished. Similarly, it is very difficult to have health and disease exist simultaneously. Once you become healthy disease tends to vanish and stay away.

This study shows that if you take aggressive efforts to improve your heart health you will also radically decrease your risk for one of the most devastating diseases, Alzheimer's. The study does not cover this area, but you will also significantly lower your risk for cancer, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and nearly every other chronic degenerative disease.

USA Today July 21, 2004

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