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85 Percent of Americans Aren't Eating Their Vegetables

Despite years of public service campaigns--and lectures from Mom--Americans still aren't eating even close to enough fruits and vegetables, according to a recent poll. What's more, most people don't know how much produce they are supposed to eat. More than 85 percent of consumers are not eating the federally recommended minimum of five servings of produce a day, and nearly 60 percent think eating one to four servings is enough for a healthy diet. About 20 percent said one or two servings is enough.

The government recommends two to four servings of fruit and three to five servings of vegetables daily, but, as I wrote in a past blog entry, those guidelines are being updated and are expected to be raised next year. Of course, vegetables should be an incredibly important part of your daily meals, but the best way to find out how many vegetables you should be eating--and what types are best for you--is to learn your nutritional type.

USA Today August 23, 2004

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