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Relaxing Can Increase Your Bone Strength

Swiss scientists found taking beta-blockers and thiadzide diuretics reduced fracture bone risk by nearly one third in a study consisting over 150,000 people. We have known for sometimg that taking thiazide diuretics can increase bone density. What is relatively new is the understanding that beta blockers appear to provide an even greater benefit. Since many beta blockers have long ago gone generic and the opportunity for obscense drug profits like those of Lipitor it would seem safe to conclude that the research is likely to be authentic.

However, even if it is true does that mean if one has osteoporosis one should run out and get a prescription for a beta-blocker to increase their bone density? Absolutely not.

What I find fascinating is that aerobic cardiovascular exercise produces virtually all of the same benefits of beta-blockers without any of the negative side effects. It will enhance the parasympathetic nervous system and serve to reduce the sensitivity of the beta receptors in thy sympathetic nervous system. This is one of the reasons why athletes or most who are in good cardiovascular condition have lowered heart rates.

So exercise would seem to be a good substitute for beta-blockers, but we already understand that exercise increases bone density. No news here other than there maybe a different mechanism involved. The exciting news is that relaxation therapies that lower one's heart rate might also increase bone density. Meditation is one way to achieve this. However, in our time limited world many are challenged to schedule the daily hour over many years to achieve this benefit. Sure seems to me like a great opportunity to use brain wave entrainment technology to produce similar benefits in a fraction of the time. The Insight CDs we have recently introduced are an inexpensive option.

JAMA September 15, 2004;292(11):1326-32

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