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Flu Deaths Outrageously Exaggerated to Increase Vaccine Sales

Who hasn't heard the dire warnings of the media that the flu can kill you and in fact kills over 36,000 people a year? I am sure most of you have. Has anyone every gone to the government's web site, the CDC, to confirm this number? Probably very few of us have. I know I certainly did not, and was disappointed with myself for not doing so once I reviewed the findings a lay person came up with after doing so.

If you go to the CDC's main flu page you will find the 36,000 deaths number and a link to the actual flu table that has the death statistics. But if one goes to the more comprehensive overall death report you will find that only 753 people died of flu in 2002. This is over 93% less deaths than the CDC is reporting.

My guess is that they are including the pneumonia deaths in with the flu deaths.
Seems like quite a reprehensible strategy to increase the sales of flu vaccine that actually backfired this year because of bacterial contamination in the British plant that produced the vaccines.

Fortunately there are effective alternatives to the flu vaccine that will actually keep you healthy in addition to preventing the flu. October 9, 2004

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