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Before Recall, Vioxx Approved for Kids!

Want to know how low drug companies can go? Before Vioxx was pulled off the market about two weeks ago, Merck & Co. had announced the drug had been approved by FDA for PEDIATRIC USE, based on research that ran three months.

Officials at the Arthritis Foundation, the nation's leading advocacy group for people with rheumatoid diseases, didn't fault FDA's approval of Vioxx for children. By the way, FDA approval of Vioxx for children was based solely on a THREE-MONTH pediatric study, but nothing in it hinted at heart problems.

I find this behavior really upsetting, especially because the heart risks related to Vioxx were evident as early as 1999, the year the drug was federally approved. And Remicade -- another drug not yet approved for children -- was shown last week to cause the same cancer in very rare instances.

As you know, I believe drugs are terrible options for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers because they don't solve the root problem. In fact, the solutions I recommend to lessen if not eliminate the effects of RA are healthier -- no toxic drugs -- and not expensive.

There's no more effective way to get started than to modify your diet according to your personal nutritional type.

The Emotional Freedom Technique can also be quite useful to resolve energy disruptions that will help you rally your body's resources to better health.

Newsday October 11, 2004

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