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OK, What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven't installed Google Desktop yet this may be one of your most serious oversights ever. I originally had a posting when this application was introduced last week. If you are not yet familiar with Google Desktop please review this article for the reasons why you will want to install this application immediately. But, like in many areas of life, most of us procrastinate and do not recognize a free gift of enormous magnitude at the time it is offered.

I have been using Google a few months after it went beta in November of 1998. It was very clear to me at that time this was the absolute best search engine on the planet. It is equally clear to me now that you simply can not afford not to install this program on your desktop. You can download the Google Desktop from their website. It is less than one meg so even with a dialup connection it should not take very long. Once you install it the application will take several hours to perform the indexing, but it magically does this when you are not using your computer so you won't ever notice it. So don't expect to be able to use the application right away.

The index is the way it performs its magic. Unlike the Microsoft search engine which is relatively stupid and painfully slow, once you enter a query into Google Desktop it will search all of your emails and documents UNDER ONE SECOND (folks, that is what I call fast). That is very important for me as I have over 10,000 emails and documents sitting on my hard drive and even someone as organized as me frequently has challenges finding information when I need it. Google Desktop is just about as radical a revolution as the Google Search Engine. I simply can not say enough good things about it. The application has already improved my ability to provide high quality patient care by allowing me to instantly find useful information for patient's problems when they are consulting with me.

It may sound like a lot of hype and so much so that I might even be earning a commission for referring you to Google. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like most of the things I do on the site, the only reward I receive from making this recommendation is the joy and satisfaction of having provided a service that people will be grateful for. It is a pattern I seek to live my life by as I have found that the rewards for such an approach are profoundly amazing.

New York Times October 21, 2004

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