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Outstanding News for High Speed Wireless Internet

When I first read this article this morning I got so excited I nearly jumped out of my chair. Many of us have struggled to obtain high speed access. I live in a non densely populate neighborhood and did not have cable modem access at home till earlier this year.

Well folks that is about to change for all of us very shortly. Many of you may not remember when I first posted the information on WiMax in January of this year. I was one of the first to report on it, even long before many of my connected geek friends were aware of WiMax. But there is little question that WiMax will change our lives forever. We will FINALLY have inexpensive high speed universal NET access anywhere we go. It will take a number of years to fully implement this reality but it is very clear that WiMax is the technology that can get us there.

WiMax's can broadcast for 30 miles. This greater range and higher bandwidth gives service providers the ability to offer broadband Internet access directly to homes without having to worry about the problems that can arise when laying down a physical connection over the so-called last mile, which connects homes with service providers' main networks. This will virtually eliminate the need for wired Internet and will radically lower prices.

This morning's announcement in the NY Times just solidifies the fact that WiMax is for real. Intel will be significantly funding Clearwire, a wireless broadband company. Clearwire is already operating a high speed WIRELESS service in Jacksonville, FA for only $25 dollars a month. I don't know about you but that is half the price I am paying and I am only wireless in my home. As soon as I go off my property I lose the signal from my WiFi G router.

Most of us have no idea of the implications of this, but one that will happen relatively shortly after this is implemented is virtually free phone calling. Already Vonage and Skype are viable options to traditional carriers. Once we have inexpensive wireless broadband you will be able to use your notebook to make FREE phone local and long distance phone calls.

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