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I am really surprised that more people have not taken advantage of the Vonage phone service that I first talked about in March. I have been using Vonage at my home and office for over six months and have been saving over $500 every month on my phone bills.

Vonage is not a free service. You must pay $25 a month for unlimited local and long distance calling. However, the catch is that you must have high speed internet and when your internet goes down so does your phone service. Not a problem for most of us as we have cell phones to compensate. Is really a great deal primarily because you pay NO TAXES On November 8 the FTC ruled that Vonage is exempt from state regulation. Good news for you.

However this article below is about a newer phone service that is absolutely free. It is called Skype and you can sign up for in on their website. It is not as practical in many ways as Vonage though as it is only free if you use your computer with a broadband connection (no phone) and dial up someone else who also has a broadband connection and is also using the same service. However, they do offer a paid service that costs 2 to 3 cents a minute where you can call anyone without the need for them to be on the Skype software.

Engadget November 8, 2004

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