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Prozac Use Weakens, Shrinks Young Bones

You may remember how relieved I was, about a month ago, the FDA had finally begun to force drug companies to stamp their antidepressants with "black box" labels that warn of increased suicidal behaviors among kids.

That decision came just in the nick of time considering the results of a new study that found cellular mechanisms important to bone growth may shut down in the presence of Prozac, hindering healthy skeletal development. In fact, growing mice that were genetically engineered and exposed to Prozac for even a few weeks averaged 9.4 percent less bone formation in their thighbones compared to unexposed mice, according to the study.

More than 1 MILLION children in the United States take Prozac. And many health professionals, me included, believe Prozac is dispensed like a "band aid" to rid children of problems when more appropriate and healthier solutions are available. November 11, 2004

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