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FDA is "Virtually Incapable of Protecting America From Unsafe Drugs"

Folks, this is a direct quote from testimony that a federal drug safety reveiwer gave to Congress yesterday. He also is directly quoted as stating that "We are faced with what may be the single greatest drug safety catastrophe in the history of this country or the history of the world."

The catastrophe that he is referring to is, of course, the Vioxx debacle which (as I stated on Sunday) is the beginning of the end of conventional medicine.

Dr. Graham, with more than 20 years of service at the Food and Drug Administration said that in his years at the F.D.A., he had recommended that 12 drugs be withdrawn. Only two are still being sold. He cited the following drugs still on the market as major FDA catastophes in the recent years:

ALL of the above drugs are still on the market. Makers of each drug have defended their medicines as safe. Now we have a major FDA official saying that there are problems with these medications. Guess what? So have I. If you, or someone you love, are taking any of these medications, please read the links I have inserted to previous articles I have posted for further information.

Over 55,000 people were killed by Vioxx. I warned people five years ago about Vioxx (one year before it was released) and few people listened. Tens of thousands did not have to die needlessly so Merck could make a few more billion dollars.


Take a stance now. Plead with those you know that are taking these drugs and do everything you can to covince them to seek natural healthy alternatives. They are there, I promise you. For the past five months I have been seeing seven new patients every day that see me from all over the country. Many have very serious diseases and are on multiple medications. In nearly every case we are able to develop a plan to help them wean off of all their medications and become symptom free.

This is not an ad for my clinic, as there are many outstanding natural medicine clinicians that can provide similar services. The point is to get off these dangerous medications before they kill you and seek competent professional help if you require that.

As I wrote on Sunday, coventional medicine is entering a terminal phase. What began as an acute illness reached the chronic stage about a decade ago and progression towards death has been remarkably swift and well beyond anything one could have predicted. The disease is caused by:

  • Rampant conflict of interest,
  • Tainted research and greed,
  • Pretentious doctors and scientists,
  • Lying and cheating by the morally bankrupt drug industry,
  • Derelict politicians and
  • Inept federal and state regulators

New York Times November 19, 2004

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