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The Dangers of Botox

Earlier this month, I posted a news item about acupuncture as a safer alternative than botox for removing wrinkles. I was upset to read about two couples who may indeed be paying a huge price for taking the "fast lane" to better looks.

Florida health officials are investigating whether a Palm Beach Gardens couple hospitalized on life-support last weekend is suffering complications from a cosmetic treatment at a Fort Lauderdale clinic. The couple in their 50s are being treated for botulism, a rare and potentially fatal paralytic illness that affects the muscles, eyes, limbs and respiratory tract. A second couple, visiting from the Northeast, had also been hospitalized after being treated at the same clinic.

Officials suspect both couples may have received the illness from either contaminated doses of Botox or some other drug. In my mind, cases like these demonstrate the worst case scenario that can occur when you use toxic drugs as a risky shortcut to a new and improved you. Instead, you can maintain a natural fountain of youth merely by following a healthy diet, based on your nutritional type.

And, because increased insulin levels accelerate aging, you'll also want to eliminate grains and sugars from your diet. November 29, 2004

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