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Medicare Will Cover Alternative Medicine - - Is This a Good Thing?

I have previously reviewed the Medicare Drug bill last year. We have about 150,000 new readers on the site since then so many may not have seen my comment on it. Although some companies are looking at this bill as a great opportunity to get their service "covered" by the government, in my mind, this is, without question, a disaster waiting to happen.

In the past Medicare just paid the bills or said no to these new and unproven treatments. This is the current system and it is nearly bankrupting the country. Now many companies want the government to pay for their new and expensive treatments and essentially open up your pocketbook (though the government) to pay for these expensive treatments.

There is no question that there will be some very beneficial treatments and tests in these as yet approved modalities. But the key here is that they will be very expensive and these companies will likely be able to "fund" the research to "prove" to the government that their treatments either work or are safe.

But do we really want to trust the government with even more responsibility to make this determination? The FDA does not have a very good history in doing this. Less than two months ago we learned how inept they were with the Vioxx scandal and that was with one of the largest drug companies on earth that had the ability to do comprehensive studies.

Folks, this proposal is a disaster waiting to happen and is just serving as another Ponzi scheme to separate you from your money and transfer it through the government to these corporations, frequently many of which are multi-national and do not have your best interess in mind.

New York Times November 5, 2004

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