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A New Hurdle For Type 1 Diabetics

Folks, type 1 diabetes is one of the worst diseases around. Even if you live the healthiest lifestyle, it is unbelievably challenging to stop the ravages of the disease, because it's an enormous and, frankly, near impossible task to artificially regulate one's insulin levels.

A new study has found children and teens with type 1 diabetes have yet another hurdle to overcome. Even with normal growth and maturation, kids still fall behind in bone development. What's makes this problem particularly worrisome: Typically, teens produce additional bone material thought to minimize the development of osteoporosis later on.

Scientists compared 42 diabetics ages 12-18 with some 200 healthy subjects from the same region. Although body size and maturation were similar, according to the study, diabetics had lower tibia, spine and whole body bone characteristics and lower bone mineral content. Diabetics had about 9 percent less whole body bone mineral content to muscle mass, suggesting that bone mineral deposition was not adequately adapted to muscle gains.

My recommendations are no different than they were last week when I posted the results of another study that urged parents to take more control of their kids' diets to lower high cholesterol in order to protect their vision and cardiovascular health.

Yahoo News December 7, 2004

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