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Another Vioxx - - Bextra Warnings Now Out

One month ago I posted an article that warned that Bextra's risks are even higher than Vioxx. Today the FDA said in a statement that it was adding a heart warning to the Bextra label because "results from a new study of more than 1,500 patients who had just had cardiac surgery show that patients treated with Bextra for pain were more likely to have heart and blood clotting problems than other patients who did not receive any drug.

I warned readers three years ago about Bextra. Bextra is another cox-2 inhibitor disaster waiting to happen. Pain-killing drugs -- meant to relieve symptoms but never the true condition -- are rarely necessary. Why take the risk of serious side effects from anti-inflammatories when you can create your own anti-inflammatory, merely by changing the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in your diet.

USA Today December 9, 2004

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