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A Safer Vaccination Schedule For Kids

You may remember a brilliant article I posted a couple of months ago by Dr. Donald Miller that provides a great overview on the toxicity of mercury from various sources. After his piece was posted, Dr. Miller received responses from parents wanting to know what vaccines, if any, he would recommend children receive.

His response is a new article that discusses the mindset behing the vaccine madness and a different approach that differs greatly from "obediently following the government's schedule."

In Dr. Miller's view, and grounded in good science, parents should consider a more "user-friendly" vaccination schedule, one that takes the best interests of the individual into consideration rather than what the government judges best for society.

That's a far better approach than the "one-size-fits-all" approach foisted on Americans that pushes the neccessity of yearly flu vaccines although few people actually die from influenza and an admission by the CDC last year that these vaccines don't work anyway.

Lew December 10, 2004

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