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Possible Cardiovascular Dangers With Celebrex

First, it was Vioxx. Then, it was Bextra. After today's announcement by Pfizer, it could be three strikes and Cox-2 inhibitors are OUT!

Based on an analysis of a large, long-term cancer trial, Pfizer admitted Celebrex more than doubled one's risk of a heart attack. One caveat: The Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib (APC) cancer trial studied Celebrex at doses of 400 to 800 mg per day.

As you can imagine, Pfizer's stock dropped some 14 percent after the news of the trial, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

Folks, the market for analgesics is over $10 BILLION dollars annually. That is one big number. Anytime you deal with numbers that large -- especially when Big Pharma is involved -- inevitably corruption, greed and negative influences will be a large part of the story.

That's why I strongly urge you to consider throwing away your drugs, and begin to incorporate far safer solutions that bolster your optimal health. Here's three simple ways to get started:

  • Get rid of sugar and grains in your diets, as elevated insulin levels are one of the most important reasons why inflammatory prostaglandins are produced.
  • Retool your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type.
  • Increase your intake of omega-3 fats that serve as precursors to mediators of inflammation called prostaglandins. In fact, that is how Vioxx and other Cox-2 inhibitors work.

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