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The Meteoric Rise of Splenda By The Numbers

You probably recall a blog item I posted earlier this month about the overwhelming popularity of Splenda/sucralose in processed foods preventing manufacturer London-based Tate & Lyle from taking on new customers at its American plant in Alabama. Today's New York Times reports on the fallout of that decision: Soft drink companies temporarily delaying the debuts of new soft drinks that will do nothing more than poison your health.

Even scarier is Splenda's frightening rise to the top of artificial sweetener market, overtaking Equal and Sweet'N Low in just four short years! The numbers, as almost always, don't lie:

  • Equal's share of the sweetener market dropped more than 4 percent to slightly more than 19 percent.
  • Sweet'NLow's marketshare fell to about 15 percent.
  • Splenda's huge share -- an 11 percent increase to just under 50 PERCENT of the market -- has been mirrored by Tate & Lyle's meteoric climb in stock prices, soaring 54 percent this year alone.
  • The number of new products using Splenda/sucralose as a key ingredient more than DOUBLED from 573 in 2003 to 1,330 this year.

Where does this growth coming from? In addition to fast foods like soft drinks and candy, food manufacturers are producing salad dressings, orange juice, breakfast cereal and breads with Splenda!

For a glimpse at the toxic effects Splenda/sucralose can have on your body, I urge you to read about the damage it did to a young woman who compared this "sweet poison" to a biochemical warfare agent.

New York Times December 22, 2004

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