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Trust In Big Pharma, FDA Fading

A blog I posted a couple of Saturdays ago reported on Big Pharma's declining business model and its attempts to ward off bad news about the toxic drugs they sell by launching aggressive marketing campaigns, imposing large price hikes and extending patents on existing drugs. That's in addition to the "black eye" the FDA has sustained for approving them.

The New York Times, my favorite newspaper in the world, published an excellent story today about the human toll all this nonsense has taken on patients struggling to make sense out of all these mixed messages the FDA and Big Pharma are sending. Based on comments made by consumers and medical experts alike, many more people who once trusted conventional medicine are beginning to notice the same cracks in the foundation as do regular readers of my twice-weekly eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter and daily blog.

Simply put, many Americans who relied for pain relief on pills believed to be safe say their faith has been eroded in the system intended to protect them. Although some doctors claim their patients may be "overreacting," psychologists who study how people evaluate risks say the widespread anxiety, raft of lawsuits and feelings of broken trust are neither surprising nor, necessarily, unwarranted.

Probably the best response about people throwing away their drugs in fear and disgust came from a Carnegie Mellon professor who said, "It's not like there's good information and people don't understand it. There's lousy information and people are frustrated and acting appropriately."

One expert with the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis correctly pointed out when much of this discrepancy between assumed medical fact and the REAL TRUTH emerged as far as the health of the public: During the furor that erupted two months ago when federal health officials announced a shortage of flu vaccine and urged restrictions on who should be immunized.

Just more reasons accumulating by the day why I remain so motivated to realize my vision to topple the existing medical paradigm once and for all.

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