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Prozac and Suicide - - Another Coverup

Today the British Medical Journal said it had sent documents that were missing for more than a decade to health regulators in the United States that it said appear to suggest a link between the antidepressant drug Prozac and suicidal behavior. The missing documents, which were sent to the journal by an anonymous source last month, include reviews and memos indicating that Eli Lilly officials were aware in the 1980s that Prozac had troubling side effects and sought to minimise their likely negative effect on prescribing.

David Graham, my new hero, criticised the analysis of post-marketing surveillance data submitted by Lilly to the FDA. After discovering that Lilly failed to obtain systematic assessments of violence and had excluded 76 of 97 cases of reported suicidality, he concluded in a memo dated nearly 15 years ago that "because of apparent large-scale underreporting, the maker of Prozac's analysis cannot be considered as proving that Prozac and violent behavior are unrelated."

In addition to the covered up risk for suicide, more recent studies have found that Prozac can actually alter cause crucial damage to developing brains.

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