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Those Plastic Bottles May Increase Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

You may recall an article I posted about the dangers of bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogen-like compound used to make common plastic food containers and baby bottles and to line tin cans. New research has found BPA stimulates the growth of a specific category of prostate cancer cell, potentially affecting the treatment efficacy for a subset of prostate cancers.

Specifically, the affected class of prostate cancer cell, characterized by mutated receptors for androgens (the male hormone), can proliferate in response to BPA.

Many cases of prostate cancer depend on androgens like testosterone for tumor growth and cancer cell proliferation, researchers said. A common treatment for prostate cancer includes limiting testosterone. However, patients with mutated androgen receptors may not respond to this therapy which is why exposure to BPA could potentially put them at higher risk for increased cancer cell growth.

And it's hard to get away from it too. More than 2.5 BILLION pounds of BPA are produced every year. That's why you should store your food and water in glass if at all possible. One of the easiest things you can do to cut back on your exposure: NEVER use Styrofoam cups, especially for hot drinks.

EurekAlert January 3, 2005

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