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More Untold Truths About Prozac's Toxic Reach

Last week, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) turned over documents missing for more than a decade to the FDA regarding a 1994 lawsuit against Eli Lilly on behalf of victims of a workplace shooting in Louisville that suggested a link between the antidepressant drug Prozac and suicidal behavior.

Today, Harvard psychologist Dr. Martin Teicher, a prominent researcher and clinician, has spoken out strongly against the coverup, charging lives were threatened and Americans treated like "guinea pigs" because Lilly officials lied 15 years ago in denials that Prozac could promote suicides.

In fact, months before a report he filed about Prozac that verified this deadly link, Teicher had asked Lilly representatives for verification. Of course, Lilly denied any connection, even though previous studies had proved them and German drug regulators denied Lilly's application based on those risks.

Evidence summarized in the BMJ article suggests twice as many patients on Prozac -- as compared to a placebo -- may experience anxiety, agitation and nervousness, reactions, experts say, can precede suicides or violent acts.

USA Today January 6, 2005

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