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COX-2s Lower CRP Levels

Late last week, I posted a blog about research by two groups that confirmed the deadly connection between C-reactive protein (CRP) and strokes and heart attacks. One class of drugs has been found to lower CPR levels: COX-2 inhibitors like Vioxx, the same drugs blamed for increasing one's risk of a heart attack.

The seemingly contradictory properties of the COX-2 drugs are just one of the medical and ethical quandaries raised in the wake of two new studies that found lowering CRP with statins may be as beneficial as lowering cholesterol in patients with severe heart disease.

Needless to say, much remains uncertain. One study found aspirin, an anti-inflammatory drug that can prevent heart attacks, also lowered CRP levels in heart patients. Another found no such effect in healthy men. That second study also found strenuous exercise slightly increased CRP levels.

Let me remind you once again almost NO ONE needs to take statins or "off-label" drugs to treat cholesterol or CRP when you can alleviate these problems by retooling your diet based on your body's nutritional type and launching an exercise program.

Wilmington Star-News January 7, 2005

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