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More Evidence A Healthy Diet Fights Alzheimer's

I've posted a number of recent studies on my Web site about the natural ways you can fight Alzheimer's disease by retooling your diet by incorporating apples and fish, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA or merely eating less.

A low-carb diet, reducing total caloric intake by 30 percent, prevented the development of a fundamental feature of Alzheimer's in a strain of mice genetically engineered to develop the condition. (The diet eliminated amyloid plaque development, which is the underlying pathology in Alzheimer's.)

Researchers discovered mice did not develop the physiological markers of the disease when they were fed a reduced carbohydrate diet that provided 70 percent of the calories eaten by similar mice who were allowed to eat ad-libitum. The strain of mice used in the study was genetically engineered to produce amyloidogenic-amyloid peptides in the brain, resulting in formation of amyloid plaques -- the fundamental problem of Alzheimer's disease.

All mice fed ad-libitum developed these plaques. However, NO plaque development was detected in the mice fed a restricted diet.

Science Blog January 12, 2005

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