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Protecting The "Right" To Advertise Fast Food?

You may recall one of the more popular blogs I've posted this month: Kraft's "promise" to phase out fast food ads aimed at kids. As with most things involving worldwide corporations and with BILLIONS of dollars at stake, that news was far too good to be true, folks!

A group of giant food companies, including General Mills, Kellogg and Kraft, and advertising agencies have formed a lobbying group whose main purpose is to defend their right to sell their unhealthy products aimed at children, according to an article in today's Wall Street Journal. Not surprising at all, considering Kellogg, Kraft and General Mills alone spend nearly $400 MILLION annually on child-related food ads in the U.S.

Here's the thing that really gets my blood boiling, as it should yours: A one-page "position statement" in which the lobbying group strongly disputes the connection between the childhood obesity epidemic that's growing by the second in this country and recent advertising trends aimed at children.


Presently, the group is still divided about what to do. Also, some members are concerned Kraft's recent announcement about curbing its advertising to kids is a subtle admission they are partly responsible for the rising obesity epidemic.

If you're not so sure this lobbying group is taking advantage of TV-addicted kids and adults to get the word out about their foods, subtle or otherwise, look at the image to the right. If your young child knows the character on that racing car, consider curbing his or her TV time today!

CNN Money January 26, 2005

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