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CDC: Go Get Your Flu Shots!

You may recall a story I posted last month about the cooling demand for the flu vaccine. Well folks, yesterday the CDC finally threw "in the towel," so to speak.

Now, they're encourage anyone and everyone to get a flu shot, or the vaccines go to waste and manufacturers like Chiron, Aventis-Pasteur and MedImmune won't make as many for the next flu season. Makes about as much sense as telling you to spend money you don't have for something you can't afford. But many people do it anyway every day without considering the larger consequences.

Those "consequences" can be particularly huge for the health of you and your family. Fortunately, my Web site features plenty of comprehensive and up-to-date information to help you make an informed decision about vaccines. A couple of facts to help you begin that process:

MSNBC January 26, 2005

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