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Sexual Dysfunction: A Strong Hint of Something Worse

Last week, I posted a blog about the flattening market for erectile dysfunction medications in this country to a mere $1.2 billion. A new study may explain one of the reasons why: Erectile dysfunction can be the first and earliest sign of a more serious cardiovascular condition.

Traditionally, erectile dysfunction has traditionally been seen as a secondary complication to heart disease, diabetes and other vascular illnesses. However, key findings in various clinical research studies have shown erectile dysfunction was often present prior to the diagnosis of these other conditions. This strong association is now being considered an important barometer of a man's overall cardiovascular health and an early symptom of a more generalized vascular problem, according to the study.

The early recognition of erectile dysfunction, particularly among African-Americans and Hispanics, may lead to an earlier diagnosis of previously undetected cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical vascular disease, according to the study. That's extremely important, considering African-American men have a higher likelihood (20 percent) of erectile dysfunction problems than Caucasians.

If erectile dysfunction is a problem for you, there are several inexpensive, safe and healthy alternatives, none of which include taking a drug.

  • The neurotransmitter that causes the sexual message, in men and women, is acetlycholine (ACH). With too little ACH, sexual activity goes down. One way to safely and effectively enhance ACH levels in the body is to take choline supplements (1,000-3,000 mg) and vitamin B5 (500-1,500 mg).
  • Studies have shown active men who engage in regular physical activity lowered their risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. So start an exercise program guys!
  • Optimize your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type.
  • Because erectile dysfunction can worsen due to stress and anxiety, take control of your emotions by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the proven energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

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