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Babies Don't Need Flu Shots Either!

Perhaps, conventional medicine may be getting a bit smarter about flu vaccines, specifically their lack of any value to your health. Last week, I wrote about a study that showed no evidence the mortality rate of seniors dropped at all after taking a flu vaccine.

New research published in this week's Lancet -- a review encompassing 25 previous studies -- further dispels the myth, and questions the use of flu vaccines on children, particularly those younger than 2-years-old. Although vaccines were found to reduce the number of school absences, the study found they had little effect on real health concerns, including hospital stays, illness and mortality rates.

That flies in the face of a recent study by Houston's Baylor College of Medicine that claimed giving children vaccines significantly cut the rate of flu among adults over age 35, and the current national flu vaccination strategy used by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, the "so-called" experts still don't get the real problem with vaccines, especially for children: The presence of thimerosal, the compound whose composition is nearly half ethyl mercury. Thimerosal should have been removed from vaccines more than six years ago, when the EPA first mandated its removal. But due to mislabeling and other problems its presence is still being felt. So much so that even package inserts, which are required to detail exactly what is in a vaccine, may not even be accurate.

This means your physician may not even be aware that a toxic additive such as thimerosal is in the vaccine. For this reason, before making a decision on vaccinating your children, I strongly urge you to do your family a major favor by reviewing the many side effects and risks involved in being subjected to this potentially life-threatening preservative.

Making the effort could mean all the difference between life and death.

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