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New Firefox Release Fixes Security Bug

Last week, I posted news of a minor security bug in Firefox, including one that allowed domain spoofing, the bait-and-switch technique hackers use to trick Web surfers into thinking they're reviewing a legitimate site through the sneaky use of international domain names (IDN).

The news came shortly after the non-profit Mozilla Foundation celebrated 25 million downloads of its cool browser, a more than worthy and capable competitor of Microsoft's virus-ridden Internet Explorer.

Yesterday, the foundation released an updated Firefox 1.0.1, equipped to fix domain spoofing, the most notable of several vulnerabilities. The update will display IDN coding in the address bar to prevent spoofing.

If you're currently using Firefox, I encourage you to download the updated and free version of this unique and versatile browser, that's available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. If you're not using Firefox yet, I can't urge you enough to review my most recent article about the benefits of Firefox featured in my twice-weekly eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter.

CNET News February 24, 2005

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