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More Insanity From the FDA

If you click on the link below and read the headline you would be led to believe that the FDA did its due diligence and screened the members of the "expert" advisory panel for conflict of interest so they would give an unbiased vote in the decision of whether or not Vioxx should be put back on the market. The headline is

FDA Screened Panel For Conflict of Interest

Well, of course, I had to read the article to see how the FDA could justify the unbelievable behavior that I described in yesterday's blog post. Once I read the article I learned just what the FDA did to insure that the vote would be unbiased.

They did indeed screen EVERY panel member for any potential conflict of interest. That would lead the public to believe they were doing their job. BUT, guess what happened if they found a potential conflict of interest? They gave the doctor a waiver so they could participate in the "expert" panel.

Folks it just doesn't get any more blatant than this. We have got to put an end to this nonsense and start the process to have responsible leadership at the FDA.

Bloomberg February 26, 2005

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