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$8.7 Billion: The Damage Mercury Does to Your Babies Annually!

A frightening new study by the Mount Sinai Center for Children's Health and the Environment estimates reductions in the IQs of children due to mercury exposure could affect more than 600,000 children and cost an estimated $8.7 billion annually.

The study reports the drop in children's IQ levels, thanks to mercury, affects between 10-15 percent of the 4 million kids born in this country every year. In real numbers, that means anywhere from 316,000-637,000 children are born each year with umbilical cord blood mercury levels linked to IQ loss. (Those numbers match ones cited a couple of weeks ago from the Centers for Disease Control in that great Discover article on the growing attention mercury is attracting these days.)

The estimated drop in IQ levels linked to mercury can range from as little as .2 to as much as 24 points.

Even worse, some 4 percent of the babies born every year in America (180,000) have blood mercury levels between 7-15 micrograms per liter which translates into a 1.6-point decline in IQ levels. And, of that $8.7 billion shortfall in annual earnings, researchers estimate 41 percent, or $1.3 billion, can be directly attributed to coal-fired power plants that produce 41 percent of mercury emissions in this country.

If there's any good news to be found in this report, the lead researcher believes mercury levels may be lower today than they were before emission limits from medical waste and municipal incinerators were enacted.

With all of these compelling numbers, it makes you wonder why the so-called medical experts, some of them outed in a brilliant article written by Dr. Russell Blaylock, still defend its presence in our environment as benign.

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