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Vitamin E: The Prostate Cancer Fighter

Two weeks ago, I posted the results of a recent study that showed how men with lower levels of vitamin D in their blood than those with higher amounts were twice as prone to develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer. According to a new report featured in this week's Journal of the National Cancer Institute, there's much more proof that further confirms vitamin E can be added to the list of weapons for preventing prostate cancer.

Seems the risk of prostate cancer can be cut significantly when vitamin E's major components -- alpha- and gamma-tocopherol -- are present in high levels in the blood, according to an analysis of 100 patients with prostate cancer and 200 who were cancer-free, among 30,000 Finnish men.

Those with the highest levels of alpha-tocopherol in their blood at baseline were 51 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. Those who had the same high levels of gamma-tocopherol were 43 percent less likely to be stricken with the disease. The link between high tocopherol levels and the reduced prostate cancer risk was stronger among patients using alpha-tocopherol supplements than among non-users.

This new analysis also supports earlier findings from the original Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) study, which showed that daily vitamin E supplementation reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 32 percent.

Just more proof vitamin E is one of the most popular supplements. And for good reason -- it is an amazing supplement. I have been so convinced that I've been taking it for over 30 years. By far, the most popular form of vitamin E is the alpha-tocopherol form. However, if you are interested in preventing prostate cancer or any other type of cancer, and are already taking vitamin E anyway, please make sure the form you are taking has gamma-tocopherol.

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