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A Second Patient Victimized by Tysabri

If you read my blog daily, you know I've been following the shenanigans involving Tysabri this week from the multiple sclerosis (MS) "wonder drug" being pulled from the consumer market due to the death of one patient, to warning signs about the drug that were blantantly ignored by federal regulators.

Drugmakers Biogen Idec and Elan Corp. disclosed yesterday a second patient among 500 participating in a trial -- receiving Tysabri and Avonex (another MS drug) -- for more than two years was also suffering from progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare and deadly brain infection.

As a result, observers believe the incidence of PML will diminish the chances Tysabri will return to the consumer market, obviously a calamity for Biogen and Elan considering sales of this toxic MS drug, approved just three months ago, were expected to exceed $2 billion annually.

Interestingly, neither Avonex or Tysabri had been associated with PML when used separately, according to both companies.

I can understand the desire on the part of conventional medicine to "cure" MS because it can be very devastating. Years ago, I used to cringe when a new MS patient would come to the office, because the tools I was using back then were not sufficient to significantly alter the course of the disease.

Since then, I have learned there are a number of very effective, natural treatment options for improving MS that can, in many cases, eliminate it entirely. Now, I welcome MS patients in my practice with full confidence that the vast majority will experience dramatic improvements.

New York Times March 4, 2005

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