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Toxic Drugs Parodied in Consumers Union Cartoon

From time to time, I use my blog to share a laugh or two with you (the last time two weeks ago with the release of the newest JibJab political cartoon). This newest parody comes indirectly from the New York Times, my favorite newspaper in the world, in a short feature about flash animation being used much more often these days by companies and non-profit organizations to share information quickly and in funny, irreverent ways.

Even a division of the Consumers Union, the staid publisher of Consumer Reports, has gotten into the act with an animated farce about a topic near and dear to my heart: The Drugs I Need. It's a cartoon created by the Animation Farm that parodies prescription drug marketing by depicting an array of oddities, including a guy whose medicine makes his eyeballs fall out! What makes the cartoon work is the irreverent song crafted by the Austin Lounge Lizards that gleefully describes all the various side effects of a multitude of multi-colored pills.

I can't imagine a better skewering of the drug industry than the one commissioned by the Union's, a project dedicated in part to drug safety. (For more laughs, also check the Animation Farm's Web site.)

New York Times March 13, 2005 subscription required

Spartanburg Herald-Journal March 13, 2005

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