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Emotional/Physical Damage Includes Anger

Earlier this week, I posted a blog about a study that ties the benefits of laughing to increasing the ability of our body's blood vessels to expand. Unfortunately, those same high emotions on the opposite side of the spectrum can create all sorts of problems too. According to a new study featured in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, high levels of anger spurs coronary artery disease, sad to say, in patients under age 50 who ought to know better.

How did researchers account for this link between one's emotions and his or her physical health? A study of 500 patients suffering from coronary artery disease found those under the half-century mark had "hostility scores" some 2.5 times higher than those who were older than 64. The good news: Following their stint in rehab, hostility symptoms usually abated in younger patients by about half along with improvements in coronary artery disease risk factors, behavior and quality of life.

Makes perfect sense to me, considering another recent study that found physical wounds take much longer to heal in marriages marred by hostility and conflict than those in which couples have built a happier home life.

That potentially devastating effect on your health is why I strongly recommend addressing those emotions safely, deliberately and without drugs by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the effective energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice. For that matter, there's no questioning the power of prayer either. So many studies have documented it and the science that proves its healing power is very solid. So solid, I believe it's criminally negligent for physicians not to recommend it.

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