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Beating Cancer No Cure For Depression

Seems like I've been writing a lot on the blog lately about the detrimental effects emotional stress can have on your health when it's not properly managed. Let's suppose your body wins that battle over a serious disease like cancer or heart failure... Does this mean the stress that probably contributed to your physical condition also disappeared?

A new study argues many cancer survivors still deal with their emotional and physical scars long after being "cured." One quote by the study's lead researcher summed it up best: A cure is not necessarily synonymous with total resumption of good health. How true...

Researchers reviewed the health of some 660 patients who survived breast cancer, leukemia or lymphoma about seven years after receiving bone marrow transplants. Sad to say, a portion of that group reported post-treatment problems lasting as long as two decades. Among the problems experienced by cancer survivors in the study:

  • Lingering sleep disorders
  • Sexual concerns
  • Pain
  • Cognitive problems
  • Poor physical well-being

Moreover, the incidence of depression-like symptoms cropped up in about 30 percent of the patients in the study. Fortunately, I have many resources available on my Web site to help you bounce back from illness.

To get a better handle on your emotions -- one of the "X-factors" that can wreak havoc on your health that most of my patients have neglected -- I can't recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique enough. This energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice can help you jump-start the healing process, without the expense and exposure to toxic anti-depressants that may do you more harm than good.

I urge you to download my free EFT manual and begin to learn how to deal with your emotions more effectively and improve your physical health immediately.

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