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How to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera Sensor

If you have a digital camera that can not change its lens then this article will not help you, but if you have one or are thinking of purchasing a digital SLR camera in which the lenses can be interchanged, then please save this information as it will save you at least $100.

Over my winter vacation I made the decision to take up a new hobby, digital photgraphy. I enjoyed my Nikon D70 so much I decided to upgrade to the top digial camera in the world, the Canon EOS 1DS Mark II. The camera has only been available for a few weeks and I only got mine last week and have not had a chance to play with it yet. The 16.7 meg sensor and incredible Canon lenses should be able to easily allow enlargements of several feet. The RAW files on this camera are about 50 megs.

One of the major problems with a digital SLR camera though is keeping the sensor clean when you change lenses. Even if you are careful dust can creep in there and most manufacturers actually require you to send the camera back to them for a professional clearing. Recently a company develolped a commercial sensor cleaning brush that can do the job but they cost $100. This article provides an extremely detailed guide to cleaning the sensor of your digital SLR camera using cheaper alternatives of a common make up brush.

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