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Healthy Eating Can Benefit Cancer Patients

One of the pillars of my Total Health Program is the ability to modify your diet based on eating the right foods for your body's specific nutritional type. Tailoring your diet better equips your body to protect itself from disease, or, should trouble come unexpectedly, gives you just that many more weapons to fight with.

That philosophy attracted me to this study of colorectal cancer patients who were better able to handle the extra problems that come with radiotherapy treatments -- a marked slowdown of severe anorexia, nausea and diarrhea -- with the help of individualized nutritional counseling promoting better nutrition, reducing weight loss and fostering a better quality of life. Researchers divided patients into three groups:

  • Those who ate a "regular" diet.
  • Patients who ate high-protein liquid supplements in addition to a "regular" diet.
  • Participants who ate a special diet based on individual nutritional counseling.

Individualized nutritional counseling was a far better treatment for patients than the other two options by far during the study, including during the intervention phase and the three-month follow-up period.

In fact, researchers were surprised by the impact of an improved and individualized nutrition regimen. It's part and parcel of a conventional medical paradigm that merely places a much higher value on toxic drugs intended to "cure" conditions (that can actually do far more harm to your health than good) and overlooks all the benefits of a simpler, optimized diet to treat the ravages of disease.

Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 23, No. 7 March 1, 2005: 1431-1438

Yahoo News March 28, 2005

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