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Super-Sized Fast Foods Buck Healthy Trend

Over the past few months, big-box fast-food restaurant chains have been trying to rehabilitate their image in hopes of luring more health-conscious consumers by adding salads and organic chicken to their menus. Burger King, the second-largest fast-food chain behind McDonald's, is bucking that trend in a big way with today's debut of its Enormous Omelet Sandwich.

To critics like me, that 730-calorie sandwich (including sausage, bacon, cheese and two eggs on a sesame-seed bun) is nothing more than what one fast-food industry expert called "food porn." Then again, Burger King developed this product for their core audience who doesn't care much about the nutritional value of the foods they eat: Far less discriminating young males.

According to some experts, this move by Burger King is, in some ways, a reaction to the success of new gut-busting offerings by other fast-food chains, including Hardee's (Monster Thickburger) and Pizza Hut (Full House XL Pizza), that emphasize the bigger is better concept at the expense of your health.

Morgan Spurlock, who filmed and starred in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me, said it best when he suggested Burger King's new sandwich ought to come "with a $5-off coupon for your first angioplasty."

No kidding, considering a recent study that linked eating fast-food twice a week to gaining a minimum of 10 pounds and doubling your odds of increased insulin resistance, a marker of diabetes.

USA Today March 28, 2005

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