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Electrically Stimulated Acupuncture Halves Blood Pressure

Because you know how much I prefer simpler, non-toxic health care treatments over modern medicine's poor excuses for "cures," I've posted a handful of articles in the past about studies that have demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture. This new study about the relief one can receive from acupuncture, however, comes with a jolt. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, found acupuncture treatments using low levels of electronic stimulation can lower elevated blood pressure readings by as much as half!

Scientists applied acupuncture to specific points on the forelimbs of rats with artificially elevated blood pressure numbers. Surprisingly, acupuncture alone had no effect on the rats in this study, as did treatments using high frequencies of electricity.

Yet, low electrical frequencies dropped elevated blood pressure levels, ranging from 40-50 percent. A 30-minute treatment reduced blood pressure numbers by 25mmHG for almost two hours from the conditions that elevate it during hypertensive states. The one caveat to this study: This kind of electricity-accentuated acupuncture had absolutely no effect on normal blood pressure levels, and only on those affected by hypertension.

if you're not crazy about using acupuncture accentuated by low levels of electricity or taking a toxic drug, there are plenty of non-invasive ways to lower your blood pressure and improve your health:

  • Eliminate all grains and sweets from your diet until your blood pressure and weight normalize. The overproduction of insulin is a major factor in the persistence of high blood pressure.
  • As I shared earlier, utiliize the benefits exercise can provide you as a drug. Most overweight hypertensive patients require about 6-9 hours of relatively intense exercise per week (hard enough where they have problems comfortably talking to someone). This intensity is required to decrease the sensitivity of the insulin receptors.
  • Deal with the emotional stress that lies behind the physical symptoms associated with elevated blood pressure and hypertension by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

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