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Health Benefits Of An Organic Diet

You may recall an awesome article I posted last month by Contributing Editor Colleen Huber that blasted the common perception shared by many people that a diet based on whole organic foods is cost-prohibitive for the average family or single consumer. Colleen did a wonderful job revealing the fact behind the fiction.

If you want more ammunition for justifying to your family and friends the advantages of eating organic foods -- apart from the body of evidence I've amassed on my Web site -- consider a study by researchers from Great Britain and Denmark that compared the health of 36 rats fed foods grown three different ways:

  • Organic, with low amounts of fertilizers and no pesticides.
  • Conventional, with high amounts of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Minimally fertilized, with low amounts of fertilizers and with pesticides.

Scientists discovered the organically-fed rats enjoyed several health benefits. They slept better, had stronger immune systems and were slimmer than rats fed conventional diets. What was most interesting about this study was how it showed, beyond a doubt, how the links between food and health go far beyond their nutrient content.

The most telling quote came from one researcher: If people think that eating organic food makes them feel better then they are probably right.

If you want to know about the kind of toxins that can hurt your health, I strongly recommend you review a recent piece I wrote about how to avoid them.

Science Daily March 29, 2005

Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming Free Full-Text Article

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