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Spurring Soy Consumption in Schools

Last week, I posted an article about an extreme remedy for battling the ongoing obesity epidemic used in one school district in an Orlando suburb: Modifying cafeteria menus based on the South Beach Diet. Just as alarming to me was the recent completion of a pilot program to demonstrate the "nutritional benefits" of including soy in school lunch programs across Illinois called ISOY.

The studies, conducted in four school districts, included tests of four different entrees: spaghetti with sauce, chili, ravioli and nuggets. I was a bit surprised kids ate just the same amount of soy-laced chili and spaghetti as they did the meat versions, but not as much at their resistance to soy nuggets.

Of course, the pilot program was a joint effort between the school districts and two groups with a lot to gain by soy's continued acceptance in the marketplace: The Illinois Soybean Checkoff Board and Archer Daniels Midland. It could also be another sign the business of selling soy to the public is definitely slowing.

If that's true, it's a good thing for the health of our kids, considering all the serious health problems and risks associated with eating soy-based foods, even though some would have you believe soy is a near-perfect food.

The best things you could do to protect your child from the risks of processed soy foods:

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