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Tapping Your Gripes Away With EFT

How much time do you spend of each precious day you have on this wonderful planet of ours griping to your family or friends about issues and people over which you have no control? If you spend a good deal of time in animated gripe sessions, you may want to consider the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool I mention often here on the blog and use daily in my practice.

Why? Often, we repress our anger and hurt over disputes with others, rather than deal with them straightaway. That emotional pain can also widen the distance from friends and family, making us feel alone and unsupported, until we feel comfortable reaching out to them and letting some of those hard feelings. As pointed out so well in this week's EFT 1-Minute News, what happens when those gripes get told again and again and the emotional pain gets worse instead of better?

One EFT practitioner suggested the absolutely brilliant idea of tapping while you're griping and complaining about others, regardless how many times you've shared the same story. With some practice, he believes EFT will help you have a lot less to gripe about. Even better, before you make a call to that friend -- who could probably set his or her watch by your weekly phone calls -- pick up the phone and start tapping before you make that phone call. When you're finally done, then make the call.

But first, you need to learn more about EFT and how to use it. I urge you to access my free manual that can help you get started today. And if you need more guidance in learning this technique, I recommend reviewing a list of guidelines and practitioners compiled by Dr. Patricia Carrington.

This is truly an awesome use of EFT, and I've made a committment to doing this regularly. I hope you'll do the same.

EFT 1-Minute News, March 31, 2005 Free Full-Text Article

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