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Calculate Your Child's Risk of Mercury Poisoning From Vaccines

Many of you have taken advantage of the link I posted earlier this year to the GotMercury.org site that calculates your exposure to mercury from fish.

The Virginia-based National Vaccine Information Center has formulated a similar, handy new automated calculator that estimates your child's exposure to thimerosal, which contains almost 50 percent ethyl mercury by weight (and should have been removed from vaccines more than six years ago).

The calculator helps you determine how much mercury your child received during previous vaccinations or could receive in an upcoming visit. Products are listed by brand name and manufacturer (some vaccines have two company names due to several mergers). Enter the weight your child, then highlight which vaccines have been given to them. Above the box where you keyed in your child's weight, a number will pop up telling you how much thimerosal they may have received and if it exceeds the EPA's standard of 0.1 mcg per kilogram of body weight.

If you want to calculate your child's overall exposure to mercury containing vaccines on multiple visits, you will have to enter each visit individually, using the weight of your child at the time of the visit and then add them all together.

If you're concerned about your child's exposure to mercury -- and who wouldn't be -- I strongly urge you check out this easy-to-use calculator for the safety of your family.

National Vaccine Information Center

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