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Ginger: The Natural Remedy For Morning Sickness

Among the natural treatments I listed in an article about motion sickness a couple of years ago included using ginger or ajuron, an Ayurvedic ginger compound. According to a recent review of medical studies, ginger helps pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness, without side effects to the unborn child. That's especially helpful, considering 80 percent of all pregnant women experience morning sickness during their first trimester, and many justifiably shy away from drugs.

Ginger worked better than a placebo and as well as vitamin B6, which has been shown to improve nausea and vomiting in some pregnant women in six studies. Moreover, none of the women who took ginger had problems with their pregnancies either.

Scientists received six trials that studied almost 700 women who experienced nausea during their pregnancies. In four of them, encompassing some 250 women, ginger's effects beat out the placebo consistently, including hyperemesis gravidarum, a more serious form of morning sickness. In a more recent study, scientists compared the effect of taking 350 mg of ginger versus 25 mg of vitamin B6 three times a day for three weeks. Ginger was found to be just as effective as B6 in relieving nausea.

Ginger was also one of the seven safe and healthy treatments I listed in a popular article I wrote recently about anti-inflammatory alternatives.

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