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Cookie Monster Cuts Way Down On His Grains and Sugars

If you grew up with Sesame Street, one of the endearing icons during the show's 35-year history show has been the Cookie Monster, always looking out for his next sweet treat, if not badgering his friends for them. Sesame Street kicked off its new season this week with a continuing series of stories that encourages children to follow better health habits.

That new emphasis has certainly changed the life of the Cookie Monster. Now, the blueblood will be cutting down his cookie consumption markedly. For good measure, he'll even be singing a new song, entitled A Cookie is a Sometimes Food. My how times have changed...

Being very mindful of the epidemic of childhood obesity, the seminal show will concentrate on the advantages of healthier eating habits and exercise, according to the program's VP of research and education. In fact, each new episode aired this year will open with health tips about nutrition, exercise, hygiene and rest and introduce new characters, such as talking eggplants and carrots.

Let's hope, if young kids are spending some of their free time watching TV, their parents will be smart enough to push them toward Sesame Street. Efforts like this could very well make a dent in childhood obesity numbers so devastating, by themselves, they have eliminated any overall gains in the Child Well-Being Index (CWI) recently compiled by Duke University and the Foundation for Child Development.

Besides, making that cookie a sometimes food can go far toward reducing the devastating impact sugars and grains can have on your child's health.

ABC News April 7, 2005

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