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Philadelphia Builds City-Wide WiFi Network

Because you know how I try to stay plugged into the high-tech domain despite all of my commitments (and share what nuggets I can find with you), I was attracted to this story about plans by Philadelphia city fathers to build a 135-square-mile wireless network via streetlights throughout the city.

In spite of objections by local phone provider Verizon, the city plans to launch the network in the fall of 2006. The cost to consumers: $16-20 per month! Although that's comparable to ADSL costs from such carriers as SBC, Philadelphia residents using laptops can work anywhere in their town and *without being hooked up to a landline*.

To make Internet access more available to people of all income levels and justify building the WiFi network, the city is also working on getting inexpensive PCs in the hands of those who can't afford them.

If we only lived in Philadelphia...

Engadget April 8, 2005

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