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White Onions Fight Osteoporosis

Because you know I'm always on the lookout for natural treatments to common ailments I was attracted to this study about a chemical found in white onions that may fight osteoporosis.

Scientists discovered rats treated with glutamyl peptides (GPCS) from white onions, were significantly less likely to lose bone than those not exposed to the chemical. Researchers studies groups of isolated bone cells from newborn rats by exposing them to parathyroid hormones that stimulates bone loss.

Treatment with GPCS significantly inhibited the loss of bone minerals, including calcium, when compared to cells not exposed to the chemical, according to the researchers. Of course, more studies are needed to determine if GPCS has the same effect on humans, how much onion or GPCS is needed for a positive effect on bone health, and to determine the mechanism of action of GPCS on bone cells.

In the meantime, there are a number of measures you can take if you have low bone density, or want to prevent it down the road. One is to increase your consumption of vegetables based on your body's unique nutritional type. Because what may be healthy food for others is not necessarily healthy for you, eating according to your nutritional type is really an incredible method for determining what you are naturally designed to eat.

If you're still find it difficult to eat the recommended amount of vegetables you need daily after determining your nutritional type, I recommend you try vegetable juicing. One of the many positives of vegetable juice: It's high in vitamin K, a crucial component of bone health.

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