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Startup Company Plans Cool Tools For Firefox

Just to show you how popular Firefox has become, round two, a startup company in Palo Alto, Calif., has announced plans to offer new services and software built around this innovative Web browser in hopes making it the dominant tool for consumer Web functions.

Although the company has no products of their own currently in the pipeline, round two has announced agreements to assist developers of several free Firefox plug-ins, some of which can really optimize your browsing experience:

  • Bandwidth Tester
  • FlashGot
  • SwitchProxy
  • ExtensionsMirror

All of these plug-ins can downloaded at round two's Web site.

You know round two is in the right hands: CEO Bart Decrem managed marketing and business affairs for the Mozilla Foundation that developed Firefox. What sparked his interest in developing a business model around newest open-source browser? Firefox has been downloaded a staggering 44 million times, creating a customer base big enough to merit the risk.

And, more than 2.6 million people visited the Firefox Web site last month to learn more about the open-source software and perhaps download it, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, climbing more than 50 percent since January.

Round two's big-picture goal: Providing services and software that would turn Firefox into a Web portal that would operate as Yahoo, MSN and Google do.

Another sign Firefox is catching on, and not only with consumers: IBM is trying to hire programmers to adapt the open-source Web browser to work better with Big Blue's On Demand server software.

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