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The Newest Market For Prescription Drugs: Healthy People

I was saddened in this feature in USA Today, one of my most favorite newspapers in the world, that described a scenario typical among many who rely on anything and everything but natural alternatives to treat their health challenges. The couple, in the early 70s, takes 29 pills a day, including 14 prescription medications, but they appear healthy and very active.

This article really hits the nail on the head, perfectly describing the broken paradigm in my vision statement that pretends to be conventional health care. It argues the greed of the mega-pharmaceuticals instills so much fear and apprehension in their advertising which pushes otherwise healthy people taking to waste their hard-earned money and perhaps injure their health by taking needless medications in their quest for the perfect cure.

In fact, one my heroes, Dr. Barbara Angell, took the mega-pharmaceuticals to task for pushing "way too many drugs for dubious or exaggerated ailments." The annual price tag for that couple's drug prescriptions: Almost $9,000. And that doesn't include over-the-counter meds either!

Although many Americans like this couple are grateful they have "a pill to take for something," this over-reliance on drugs as cures ignores the obvious facts that incorporating exercise into one's daily routine and retooling your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type can do the job just as effectively, if not better than drugs.

USA Today April 17, 2005

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